Pilot project

ConnectCube applications are a comprehensive suite of tools, which support a collaborative, standards-oriented data publication environment, including semantic technologies

Shared workspace

This application offers facilities for organising a workspace. It resembles a folder-based file system for managing information objects. The added value is represented by the type of information objects it can manage in a seamless way. It supports items ranging from binary files to information objects representing datasets, workflows, species distribution maps, time series, and comprehensive research products. Through it, data sharing is fostered, making results, workflows, annotations and documents immediately available to co-workers, to anyone provided with URIs, and to any other person authorized via WebDAV.

Social Network facilities

This application offers facilities for integrating social networking in research environments. It is conceptually close to the common facilities promoted by social networks – e.g., posting news, commenting on posted news, re-share news – yet adapted to promote large scale collaboration and cooperation on comprehensive scientific products, datasets, theories, and tools.