European Geothermal Information Platform

the new, modern and flexible framework for geothermal data management in Europe

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Of the strategies GEO ERA-NET partner countries set up to foster geothermal energy development in Europe, the organization and sharing of geothermal data play an important role, and was specifically mentioned in the EU Commission Call [Topic ENERGY.2011.10.2-2, FP7-ERANET-2011-RTD] which led to the current GEO ERA-NET Project.
EGIP’s target is to increase the share of potential geothermal energy users - primarily international operators, and surveyors - primarily European bodies. EGIP’s improved knowledge and data sharing service to retrieve the basic information to establish geothermal projects and to survey the geothermal sector meet this target. The EGIP envisaged here is a portal where a broad selection of European geothermal information can be accessed, retrieved and queried. EGIP is designed as a distributed system through the harmonization of national data models and services as well as documents.