European Geothermal Information Platform

the new, modern and flexible framework for geothermal data management in Europe

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To understand what EGIP can achieve, let us consider the current situation for geothermal data sharing. Providers of a geothermal information system based on ICT information and communication technologies) tend to differ in their conception of ideal data sharing and services, and hence each designs and builds its own information system independently. Scientists, operators and consultants organize and use geothermal databases, which contain underground data, provide maps (e.g., temperature and heat flow distribution) and are seldom accessible to the public. Regional, national and European administrations produce, collect and organize regulations, documents, descriptions and maps of geothermal leases and permits, and energy production values. Information providers publish general information (e.g. definitions, terms) in the form of texts and figures. Manufacturers have their own advertising, none of which are included in a comprehensive picture of the geothermal world. Funding and insurance agencies require and organize all the information aimed at creating risk management and economic analyses of all proposed projects. When available, these various databases and data-sharing systems are mostly based at a national level, provided in the local language, and are suitable for local or specialized applications.

EGIP’s target is to increase the share of potential geothermal energy users - primarily international operators, and surveyors - primarily European bodies.