Pilot project

The EGIP pilot initiative deploy a data infrastructure aimed at facilitating open access, the sharing of data, collaborative analysis, processing and mining processing, as well as the dissemination of newly generated knowledge.
The EGIP pilot offers a flexible and secure web-based, community-centric platforms, so geothermal stakeholders can work together on common challenges. The EGIP platform uses a specific Virtual Research Environment (VRE) set-up exploiting some of the D4Science infrastructure capabilities, which are developed and operated employing the gCube technology.

The gCube application in EGIP belongs three different domains (also called Application Bundles):

  1. ConnectCube applications are a comprehensive suite of tools, which support a collaborative, standards-oriented data publication environment, including semantic technologies

    • Shared workspace

    • Social Network facilities

  2. GeosCube applications help practitioners dealing with geospatial information to properly access, consume, and produce data

    • Geospatial Data Discovery

    • Metadata catalogue

  3. StatsCube applications make up a complete data-life-cyclesupporting framework, including data validation, data enrichment and efficient analytical tools

    • Statistical manager