Pilot project

This is the portal of the European Geothermal Information Platform (EGIP) pilot project, offering a number of services, information and data specially set up for the Geothermal ERA-NET project. EGIP pilot exploits the services offered by the high performance e-Infrastructure made available by organization [see the detailed description] and the federation and integration of the resources provided by the participating volunteers (e.g., Catalogue of data, data, web services and documents).
This pilot provides only the nucleus of the EGIP and contains only the most urgent information and some main functionality to prove to the European Geothermal community the effectiveness and efficiency of a European Geothermal Information Platform.
When you ACCESS the available applications allow you to enable metadata discovery function; spatial data view, query and download, statistical data analysis. Facilities for collaboration, such as Collaboration Environments, Social Networking and Shared Workspace are also provided.
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The EGIP pilot initiative deploy a data infrastructure aimed at facilitating open access, the sharing of data, collaborative analysis, processing and mining processing, as well as the dissemination of newly generated knowledge. The EGIP platform is developed to support decision making in high-level challenges that require policy decisions typical of the geothermal sector.    
The EGIP pilot offers a flexible and secure web-based, community-centric platforms, so geothermal stakeholders can work together on common challenges. The EGIP platform uses a specific Virtual Research Environment (VRE) set-up exploiting some of the D4Science infrastructure capabilities, which are developed and operated employing the gCube technology.

The EGIP Pilot organize just a minimum number of data:

  1. Temperature maps
  2. Surface Heat Flow
  3. Exploration and production licenses and (projected) power production
  4. Laws
    • Environmental impact
    • Licencing regulations (exploration/exploitation)
    • Legal conditions for grid access
  5. Geothermal roadmaps
  6. Insurance
  7. Royalties & taxes, support scheme (feed-in tariffs, grants, …)
  8. List of education & research institutes
  9. List of Industries