Welcome in the EGIP pilot project web site!

The EGIP pilot is the result of a Joint Activity carried out in the frame of the Geothermal ERA-NET coordination project supported by European Union’s Seventh Programme.

The core function of the EGIP is to organize geothermal data and information at a European scale.

The EGIP pilot is aimed to demonstrate the platform capabilities and usefulness to the main geothermal actors in Europe (i.e., scientists, politics and industrials).

Browsing through the site sections you will know about:

  • EGIP general concepts
  • EGIP pilot key features
  • How to join in EGIP pilot

To access the platform click on "ACCESS EGIP” on the main menu. After a simple and quick registration procedure you will be able to login to the platform where will have useful facilities to discover and analyse the European Geothermal Information and cooperate with other registered users by using the provided collaboration environment.